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The amount of private Instagram accounts are increasing among private users like you and me. But, this trend is also true among brands and influencers. Should your Instagram be private too? It might seem counter-intuitive to create a barrier towards fans and force people to follow the account in order to view the content, but it has become a popular trend in order to increase the amount of followers. Switching a public account to private can be both beneficial and unfavourable. So, let’s find out if it is something worth doing for you or your brand.

Advantages of a Private Instagram Account

Having a private account creates a sense of mystery and will make non-followers feel like they are missing out. The privacy creates a sense of exclusivity and the fear of missing out (FOMO) will kick in. This comes in handy when launching new products where your followers will get the exclusive first look. Therefore, non-followers will hit the follow button to not miss out!

This comes in handy when launching new products…

The retention rates will most likely decrease when switching to a private account. If a follower decides to click the unfollow button, Instagram will ask if they are sure about their decision. This extra step in their decision to unfollow might result in them staying. Since they will have to request to follow your account again, they will think twice before leaving you.

Enhanced Audience Targeting in Private Accounts

When switching to a private account you are in control, of everything. You have the authority to choose fans and followers. That’s good for your brand and allows you to easily target the right audience. Followers might feel more confident in sharing their opinions in a private sphere. Therefore, it will generate genuine feedback from your followers. And since you are in control of everything spam can be reduced and trolls can easily be removed and banned. By reducing unwanted spam you can increase quality and authenticity on your profile.

Instagram should always be part of your advertising strategy to reach out to your customers.

Another benefit with a private account is that you show your followers that they are more important than reaching out to the masses and that you prioritize quality content over reach. Limiting the amount of followers also creates a sense of exclusivity and that the content is tailored for the fans and followers which further increases the engagement rate.  COMMUNITY

Although a private account generates a lot of advantages it also has some downsides.

Disadvantages of Private Instagram Accounts

Being in control of everything is beneficial, but also very time consuming. If you are not targeting a specific audience you can accept every request, but if you aim for a niche profile targeting a specific audience you will have to spend some time with the requests.

Your content will not be searchable even if you use hashtags, and it will not show on the explore page. The exposure and engagement from potential fans or customers will therefore be limited through a private account.

The exposure and engagement from potential fans or customers will therefore be limited through a private account.

Another reason for considering staying public is if you have a business account. You will have to make it a personal account before switching it to private as business accounts can not be switched to private. You will no longer be able to run ads, promote content or get analytic insights.

Should You Have a Private Instagram Account as a Brand?

Based on these pros and cons it can be worth thinking twice before switching your account to private. If you are a niche brand aiming for a community of followers a private account can be favourable. It can also be worth changing if you are launching new products and want to create FOMO among consumers and potential consumers. However, if you want to increase exposure and presence you should keep it public. It’s a win win when you can reach all potential buyers and they can easily find you!

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