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I often get asked about what is SEO Optimized Content by my clients. Content creation is not only about sitting down and writing an article. It has to be picked up the right way by search engines for the keywords your business is competing for. Therefore, I’ll cover the basics of what it means to produce an SEO Optimized Article.

Getting Started With SEO Content Creation

As a writer, you would normally start off with a phrase that becomes the cornerstone of your article. This phrase will dictate how you connect your content to your SEO. First, you should start by using Google Keyword Tools to find the right words and make sure you can compete for them.

Once you get yourself competitive keywords to feed into your article, you need to play around with them. The different versions will help you build more interesting content. These different versions will be the ones you need to capture through your article in specific areas that are picked up by search engines. Here’s the list of the main areas to focus on:

  • Titles and Headlines (H1, H2, H3)
  • Subtitles
  • Meta Titles and Meta Description
  • Alt Description for your Pictures
  • Links to other pages
  • Actual Content or Article (bold text and regular text)

Content is a key element of driving traffic and sales to your website. Make it relevant for the readers and your search engine.

Be Real in Your Content Creation

Now that you know what words you need to use, avoid abusing them. Never forget that the quality of content is heavily affected by the relevance of your article. Google picks up not only on the keywords you might have, but also by the referencing you get from exterior resources. Therefore, people will refer to your content only if it’s relevant, interesting and useful.

So, you need to remember you are not writing to Google here. You are writing to people looking for answers. Hence the reason I’m always asking myself that basic question: “Is this answering anyone’s question?”. That’s how Quora became so popular.

The Limits of SEO Writing

Another thing you should keep in mind about SEO writing is that it needs to tie in with the rest of your brand. If you are flagged as being just an advertisement in disguise, you will lose online authority. “Google loves you when only others love you first”, as Wendy Piersall said. In other words, Google’s algorithm picks up on the authority of your website, the back links and reputation you built for your brand. If your website is hard to read for the rest of us humans, Google won’t really like you either. And that is regardless of respecting all the rules about keywords and SEO plugins in your text.

Stay human in your writing. Write for your audience and yourself. If you dread reading your own article, why would you impose that on anyone else?

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