Innovative Plant Based Foods Made Affordable for the Chinese Market

As a venture studio, Green Planet Foods wanted to focus on encouraging healthier eating through plant-based food & beverage innovations and agriculture. Their main objective was to establish a digital presence and build their brand awareness as the venture grows.

They needed a fast solution to build their digital presence from a simple concept. We had to take their concept and build a beautiful design that showcases their values and what the brand stands for.


  • Web Design
  • Photo & Video Editing
  • Brand Conception

What We Delivered

The Solution

New food ideas and innovations are always exciting and we created a website that shares the hype of this venture. Plant based food is the future, but we made sure it feels right at home.

From Concept to Reality in Record Time!

We delivered a vibrant website that makes plant-based foods appealing and trendy. It showcases what the brand stands for as a not only a product innovator, but also a market developer working to make plant-based foods affordable.

While the project was completed in a record time, we are pleased to have delivered a very dynamic website that looks amazing on both mobile and desktop. Taking any project from concept to reality is always a thrill.

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